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Who is Sarah Kohl?

Sarah grew up around the corner in Darien. She was involved in 4H, Girl Scouts, Tri-Town summer soccer and tons of school curriculars.

An RIT grad, she’s managed teams, multi-million-dollar budgets, and directly helped increase profits for every employer in the past decade, but she knows she can do more.

Her passion is helping others above herself. It’s why as a member of the Alexander Town Zoning board she voted down the proposed wind turbine project in 2022. It’s also why she agreed to take on janitorial responsibilities at the Town Hall.

Each spring, you can see her pick up trash along Route 20 because she’s committed to this town and all the residents that make it amazing.She’s ready to represent you if you’re ready to trust in the future generation of leaders.

At Your Service

Zoning Board

She currently sits on the Town Zoning Board of Alexander.


She volunteers both formally and informally throughout the county.

Lifelong Resident

She has been working remote for over a decade and chooses to live here.

Really Cares

She cares about the numerous issues facing rural New Yorkers.

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